Stop Living With Tooth Pain

Stop Living With Tooth Pain

Choose Schulman & Rozanski Dentistry for endodontic therapy services in New Hartford, NY serving residents of Utica, NY

Is your tooth cracked? Do you need root canal therapy? We can handle it. Schulman & Rozanski Dentistry offers 24/7 emergency answering services in the New Hartford, NY area to answer any questions you may have or prescribe medication as needed. An infected tooth can cause you serious pain and won't heal on its own. Our dentists can perform a root canal on your infected tooth to remove an infection from the pulp and keep an infection from occurring. We also repair cracked teeth, apply fixed bridges and place dental inlays and overlays.

Call now to schedule endodontic therapy services. You can trust us to restore your damaged, infected or decaying teeth.

Schulman & Rozanski Dentistry does root canal procedures in New Hartford, NY. You might need a root canal if you're noticing:

  1. Swelling in the gum or jaw area
  2. A severe toothache
  3. A foul taste around a tooth
  4. Pain when opening your mouth or chewing
Schulman & Rozanski Dentistry uses the latest digital technology to keep your smile healthy. Contact us today with any questions about our root canal therapy services.